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Toolbox Baby and Toddler (0-4 years)

This course covers a range of topics, including the importance of love and connection, different parenting styles, understanding your child and their big feelings, discipline, boundaries, play and more.

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Toolbox Primary (5 to 11 years)

Their programmes relate to those with a newborn, a teenager, a troupe of grandkids, or nieces and nephews, and are designed to inspire, encourage, and support the strengthening of whanau relationships.

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The Incredible Years – Booster Course

For anyone who has done The Incredible Years course and would like a ‘refresher’. We will review the main tools and gems from The Incredible Years programme and then problem solve these with you in terms of something that you are currently struggling with.

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Seasons for Growth

Seasons For Growth Parent Programme provides an opportunity for parents to better understand the experience of death, separation and divorce and bereavement from a child’s perspective, and to explore ideas and strategies that they may wish to consider as they support their children transition through family change.

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Parenting without Punishment – Childwise

Parenting without Punishment – Workshops delivered by Caitlin Hocken (Childwise). 5 Simple Steps to more peaceful family relationships Have you lost the joy of being a parent, or never found it at all? Have you been nagging, yelling, threatening, bribing and punishing your children while trying…

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Ultimate Parent Success – ChildWise (online)

The Ultimate Parent Success Course is about you making profound shifts in your parenting and family relationships. It is a deep, transformational experience for you as a parent to let go of your residual feelings and unconscious belief patterns left over from your childhood and the way you were parented. Since the unconscious mind accounts for over 90% of our behaviour, you will see a change almost immediately, even before receiving any parenting tools.

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Te Mama Wellbeing Wednesday

Flourish Taranaki is proud to launch Te Mama Wellbeing Wednesday sessions in 2023. Come along, and access wellbeing tools, courses, and services from leading local providers in the wellbeing space.

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IAIM Infant Massage with Cathy Roberts

Infant massage is a great way to promote relaxation for both parent and child, better sleep patterns, ease physical discomfort, and enhance emotional and brain development. The International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) uses a combination of Indian and Swedish massage strokes, reflexology and gentle yoga stretches to promote nurturing touch and communication.

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The Boundaries Workshop

The Boundaries Workshop offers you a safe place in which you will learn how to establish boundaries using your strengths.

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Choices in Childbirth

Choices in Childbirth classes are intended to be taken in addition to Antenatal Classes. Active Birth Taranaki Inc. is a group of people passionate in supporting natural birth, working towards a community which is confident in woman’s ability to birth naturally, where woman and their birthing partners experience the power of positive childbirth. We are here to inform and inspire you from our personal birth experiences and knowledge.

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Kotahitanga – Social Service Provider Meet-ups

Creating connected and compassionate communities who collaborate, consult and communicate. Flourish aims to create easier and more effective access to services for whanau, and to provide increased support for social service providers and referring agencies through connection and shared information.

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Rants in the Park with Flourish

Walk, stroll, amble or run, with or without your off-road buggy, then sit back and enjoy a coffee at Flourish. The benefits of nature, exercise, and social connection (and coffee!) for the mental health of a parent are well known and accepted.

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Our Flourish Fun Fraternity (FFF)

Activities to join in on, as and when you can. Connection, play and socialising are such important tools for wellbeing, and our FFF is an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and give something a go that you’ve always wanted to try, or pick up where you left off in your pre-child days. It’s a chance to meet new people and fill your own cup a little, or a lot!

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Te Reo Māori for Parents & Babies

A five week informal group programme introducing basic Te Reo Māori for the home. Learn easy, every day sentences to use with your pēpē, tamariki and whānau.

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Grandparents supporting Grandchildren

If you are supporting a grandchild on a full-time basis or understand the blessings and challenges that this role brings, we would love to meet with you. We welcome you sharing your experiences – to be seen, heard and celebrated.

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Board Gaming Nights

The art of board gaming teaches us practical skills, useful lessons, engages our emotions, and challenges our intellect. There's nothing better to create memories, generate traditions, and foster relationships. 

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We have seen a 100% improvement post attending the workshops. Our house is a much calmer place now, with a better overall atmosphere.

Bernadette (Incredible Years and Toolbox)

I wanted to become a more conscious parent, whose reactions and reasons aren’t dished out without purpose or thoughts. This course has really made me more aware of who each family member is, how they respond, why they act like they do, and given me ways in which I can best communicate with them. I’ve enjoyed every minute, learnt a lot, and know it’s now up to me to refer back to the book and keep myself accountable!

Hannah (Toolbox)

The main benefit for me was in gaining connection with my child! An understanding learned that you are there to coach them into becoming their own person, and helping them through their challenges.

Jess (Incredible Years)

I felt quite overwhelmed and out of control at the start of this course. I feel so much different now, and have so many tools to use. My continued focus is on the bottom of the pyramid techniques – connection, play, positivity, ambulance at the top of the cliff, and the judgement free zone of people who really understood what I was going through. Wonderful teachers – thank you so much for everything.

Rose (Incredible Years)


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